b'Our Pre-fabrication ProcessWe carry out pre-fabrication feasibility studies on all of our projects, to establish early in the process where this solution could best be utilised. Pre-fabrication solutions rangethat all details are correct, with from simple pre-fabricated bracketsparticular emphasis on spatial through to fully pre-fabricatedconsiderations. modular plant rooms and bespoke modular wiring solutions. WeThere have been many instances estimate that where pre-fabricationwhere we have offered innovative, is utilised to its full extent, we canbespoke solutions to clients reduce the manhours on a projectthat significantly benefited the by up to 50%.delivery of the project, including incorporating building elements Pre-fabrication offers distinctsuch as walls and ceilings into our advantages over traditional buildpre-fabricated solution. Our pre-methods assisting us to de-risk thefabrication is delivered through a project through greater programmenumber of key external suppliers certainty, improved quality, healthwho work in conjunction with our and safety. internal pre-fabrication team.We utilise our BIM software to develop detailed pre-fabrication designs and drawings that allow us to check, prior to manufacture, 41'