b'Self Help AfricaThis year Designer Group formally launched a partnership with Self Help Africa, a not for profit organisation tackling poverty and improving the lives of local communities in Africa. Designer Group and Self Help Africa will develop a youth training programme and increase access to employment opportunities for young people in Kenya. The programme coordination has enabled us toand can identify and fill the skillswill support job creation in the develop a strong safety culture ongaps with the right technicalKisumu district, where youth all of our sites through sustainedcraft competencies. Our trackunemployment levels are amongst coaching and mentoring initiatives.record demonstrates we have thethe highest in the country. capability to meet flexible project Designer Group operates a zerodemands, production needs,In partnership with Self Help Africa defects on completion policy andlogistics and customs requirementswe are kick-starting a new skills employs efficient systems andinvolved in operating in anemployment series for 200 local procedures to monitor qualityAfrican country. youth and Designer Group will and capture any substandardalso support scholarships and materials or workmanship. We haveapprenticeship opportunities in local worked alongside our technologycompanies for 30 young people.and quality assurance teams to ensure we have market-leading communication and information tools giving us real-time live information from sites, regardless of location. With our established market experience, we understand the depth of resources available 37'