b'Our Africa BusinessDesigner Group has enjoyed considerable success in the African market since 2013 and we believe the reason for this has been the approach we have taken with our clients in the region. We have spent a considerablecontinent, whilst continuing toa stable and socially responsible amount of time understanding ourdevelop our existing service base inmanner, which contribute to the clients needs and have tailor-madethese countries.broader circular economy in solutions for each of these clientsthe region. in turn.Our 130 employees in Africa are a split between local andIn consideration of local market In most cases our clients require aexpatriate technical staff. Thisconditions, Designer Group offer our European standard job deliveredlevel of presence, coupled with aclients innovative value engineered at local costs. We understand thewell-established local supply chainsolutions by employing processes particular risks associated withand logistics framework, leavessuitable for regional expertise and working in the African marketDesigner Group strategically placedfocused pre-fabrication options to and have built a robust deliveryto take advantage of the increasingminimise this work on site. Life cycle model and supply chain which hasgrowth of investment by largeanalysis, energy efficient design, allowed us to deliver over 50mmultinational companies.effective programming and asset worth of projects successfully in themanagement result in streamlined last 5 years.We have identified the energydelivery and sustainable ongoing and utility sector as a central partmaintenance of our projects. We currently have operations inof our growth strategy given our Kenya, Uganda, Ethiopia, Ghana,capabilities to support with theOur understanding of the specific Cameroon, Tanzania and havelocal infrastructure reliability andrisks presented by industrial a targeted strategy to offerresilience challenges. Our key focuspremises in the region and our our services across the Africanis on developing energy projects inexperience with multi-disciplinary 36'