b'Our USA BusinessTo further expand our client offering, Designer Group acquired the assets of a well-established US engineering consultancy business headquartered in Kansas City, Missouri in 2017.Delivering customised energyOur engineering services include solutions, fully aligned with theboth conceptual level support at needs of our clients, our US businessproject development stage and is headed by a team of highlydetailed designs at construction skilled engineering and constructionstage, ensuring a high quality professionals.of engineering is maintained throughout.With sectors encompassing industrial facilities, municipalities,Our project development service universities, rural electricfocuses on our clients need to cooperatives and investor-ownedfurther develop their project utilities our clients can rely onthrough application engineering, our in-depth capabilities andthis includes due diligence experience in the areas of biomass,assessments, cost estimating and gasification, torrefaction, pelletconceptual design. Designer Group mills, representative gas turbinescan assist clients in taking their and ethanol/biodiesel. We supportprojects to a financial close by clients projects throughoutensuring contracts are structured to the US with engineers who aresatisfy the needs of financiers. professionally registered in over 10 states and readily licensed in other locations, as required by our clients. 34'