40 41 Our Virtual Design Our Pre-fabrication Process Pre-fabrication solutions range from simple pre-fabricated brackets through to fully pre-fabricated modular plant rooms and bespoke modular wiring solutions. We estimate that where pre-fabrication is utilised to its full extent, we can reduce the manhours on a project by up to 50%. Pre-fabrication offers distinct advantages over traditional build methods assisting us to de-risk the project through greater programme certainty, improved quality, health and safety. We utilise our BIM software to develop detailed pre-fabrication designs and drawings that allow us to check, prior to manufacture, VDC represents new technologies and creation of methodologies based on a visual experience. It enhances existing planning, communication, safety, quality assurance and productivity procedures. This, in conjunction with our Building Information Modelling (BIM) Level 2 accreditation, contributes to our seamless data management and ability to provide comprehensive and tailored solutions. We carry out pre-fabrication feasibility studies on all of our projects, to establish early in the process where this solution could best be utilised. Throughout the planning and implementation phases, we adopt Virtual Design and Construction (VDC) as part of our standard practise. that all details are correct, with particular emphasis on spatial considerations. There have been many instances where we have offered innovative, bespoke solutions to clients that significantly benefited the delivery of the project, including incorporating building elements such as walls and ceilings into our pre-fabricated solution. Our pre- fabrication is delivered through a number of key external suppliers who work in conjunction with our internal pre-fabrication team. We are passionate about the development of VDC, which is why we partner with high-profile industry and academic bodies to drive related research to the next level.