36 Our Africa Business Designer Group has enjoyed considerable success in the African market since 2013 and we believe the reason for this has been the approach we have taken with our clients in the region. We have spent a considerable amount of time understanding our clients’ needs and have tailor-made solutions for each of these clients in turn. In most cases our clients require a European standard job delivered at local costs. We understand the particular risks associated with working in the African market and have built a robust delivery model and supply chain which has allowed us to deliver over €50m worth of projects successfully in the last 5 years. We currently have operations in Kenya, Uganda, Ethiopia, Ghana, Cameroon, Tanzania and have a targeted strategy to offer our services across the African a stable and socially responsible manner, which contribute to the broader circular economy in the region. In consideration of local market conditions, Designer Group offer our clients innovative value engineered solutions by employing processes suitable for regional expertise and focused pre-fabrication options to minimise this work on site. Life cycle analysis, energy efficient design, effective programming and asset management result in streamlined delivery and sustainable ongoing maintenance of our projects. Our understanding of the specific risks presented by industrial premises in the region and our experience with multi-disciplinary continent, whilst continuing to develop our existing service base in these countries. Our 130 employees in Africa are a split between local and expatriate technical staff. This level of presence, coupled with a well-established local supply chain and logistics framework, leaves Designer Group strategically placed to take advantage of the increasing growth of investment by large multinational companies. We have identified the energy and utility sector as a central part of our growth strategy given our capabilities to support with the local infrastructure reliability and resilience challenges. Our key focus is on developing energy projects in coordination has enabled us to develop a strong safety culture on all of our sites through sustained coaching and mentoring initiatives. Designer Group operates a ‘zero defects on completion’ policy and employs efficient systems and procedures to monitor quality and capture any substandard materials or workmanship. We have worked alongside our technology and quality assurance teams to ensure we have market-leading communication and information tools giving us real-time live information from sites, regardless of location. With our established market experience, we understand the depth of resources available and can identify and fill the skills gaps with the right technical craft competencies. Our track record demonstrates we have the capability to meet flexible project demands, production needs, logistics and customs requirements involved in operating in an African country. Self Help Africa This year Designer Group formally launched a partnership with Self Help Africa, a not for profit organisation tackling poverty and improving the lives of local communities in Africa. Designer Group and Self Help Africa will develop a youth training programme and increase access to employment opportunities for young people in Kenya. The programme will support job creation in the Kisumu district, where youth unemployment levels are amongst the highest in the country. In partnership with Self Help Africa we are kick-starting a new skills employment series for 200 local youth and Designer Group will also support scholarships and apprenticeship opportunities in local companies for 30 young people. 37